Providing a destination for safe online shopping for users ensures business protection and prevented eCommerce fraud on the merchant end. Probably the best advantage of online business for clients is they can get gigantic data that is preposterous in a physical store.

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Adoption of in-store mobile payment: are perceived risk and convenience the only drivers?

One of the key features of the new autofill enhancements enables shoppers to see their saved credit cards’ art and names during the checkout process. This feature aims to make it easier for users to distinguish between different card options, expediting the checkout process. He holiday season has always been synonymous with crowded malls and packed stores, but recent years have seen a significant shift in consumer behavior. More and more shoppers are turning to online shopping, and retailers are taking notice. Online shopping is expected to hit new records this holiday season as retailers entice shoppers with early discounts. Retail has been constantly reinventing itself, and participants race to keep up with what feels like a series of epic shifts in consumer preferences. Apparel brands are investing especially heavily in online shopping capabilities and introducing interactive features that complement apps and websites.

Use customer insights for better personalization

In the shipping section of your online store admin, you’ll enter details that will automatically calculate shipping rates and print the appropriate shipping labels for each order. Setting the actual shipping costs and options that you’ll offer to your customers will come later on in this tutorial. Virtual shopping is convenient for customers and retailers because it lowers return rates. Most customers want to buy what’s best for them, but if they can’t try it on, they might make a purchase they aren’t entirely satisfied with. It is also a great way to engage with your audience and encourage them to make purchases.


The Googlebots are coming: 4 steps to fine-tuning your technical SEO guide for starters


You can integrate social commerce tools directly with your online store to make selling simple. Add payment links and buy buttons to social posts that take customers directly to your online store, and give them an easy way to make a purchase.

While this isn’t inherently unsafe, it can be unsettling to suddenly be on the receiving end of an ad for a pair of trainers just minutes after buying a pair of them online. If you simply must do some online shopping while you’re out and about, invest in a virtual private network (VPN), which is typically more secure than public Wi-Fi. But again, we highly recommend that you wait until you get home to make a purchase. The more your audience interacts and engages with your shop, the more it appeals to potential buyers. Therefore, it’s essential to understand who is buying what you’re selling.