Jewelry designers in particular understand that, as jewelry can become especially sentimental to their customers. Starting a jewelry business is the best way to get your work out there and forge new connections with grateful clients. Every retailer you work with will be different and each will have a different ‘deal’ with you. When you sell wholesale, you rarely quote a flat price to all of your buyers. Market conditions fluctuate and you need to adjust prices to ensure profitability. Hence, with custom pricing feature, you can display a different price for each of your buyers. The prices of fine jewelry pieces lie between $100 – 10,000 per item and they’re usually worn on special occasions.

Once you’ve determined that yes, they can do the work you need, the next thing you need to see is their quality of work. For instance, at Quick Jewelry Repairs we onboard our wholesale partners with a program we call the cost-free pilot. This allows our wholesale customers to see the quality of our work and gives us a better sense of what their products to set the right expectations of working together. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone in particular to recommend you in that area at this time. In general, I would recommend visiting a couple different shops in your area. If your piece has diamonds or gemstones in it, be sure to find a gemologist jewelry buyer who can accurately evaluate your jewelry and not just buy it for the gold weight. On the other hand, if you are just curious as to the approximately value of the piece, I would seek out an antique jewelry specialist.

However, your pricing needs to be in the affordable range to get success with your brand. Figure out what kind of marketing makes most sense for you. With B2B, the quickest way to secure customers may be to call up jewelry retailers and offer your products at an attractive price. Another option would be to attend applicable trade shows.

Let us know what stamps you see when you send your email. Hopefully that helps, and let us know if you have any additional questions. I am handling an estate for my sister there are 3 rings to be sold, and she got an appraisal done Sept 2009. The rings were then placed in a safety deposit box from that point on.

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The idea of Fair Market Value can seem a bit abstract, so let’s put this example in more manageable terms. If you’re not great at photography, hire a professional. Even just a handful of images can provide a strong base for marketing materials. Grow your jewelry business with peace of mind with unlimited bandwidth, secure hosting, and fast servers. Rely on 24/7 support online, on the phone, or over email whenever a problem arises.

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It’s important to understand what type your business falls into in terms of jewelry repairs, as this will help you determine what services you’ll need from a vendor. We would be happy to help you sort through the jewelry at no charge, so you can know what is costume and what is fine jewelry. Our gemologist jewelry buyers are great at quickly identifying that kind of thing.

Plus, Etsy gets the ‘credit’ for the sale as people won’t necessarily remember your brand, just that they bought on Etsy. Finding potential customers to get your first sale is a challenge for any new jewelry business. Target your marketing towards the demographics most likely to purchase. As you focus on building a customer base, use the research you compiled, including insight on competition, to develop a multi-channel marketing strategy. Once you have design concepts for your jewelry line, you’ll want to research potential manufacturers and decide whether or not you want to produce products locally or overseas.

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If you think of it as slightly better than standard sterling silver jewelry, that’s how I would go about trying to price it. Also just FYI, when we melt palladium sterling silver there is so little palladium that it’s hardly worth paying the premium to extract it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any good referrals for you in Michigan at this time. Estate is a general term used to describe previously owned. Preowned jewelry by in large is not as valuable as new. Some people will never buy a previous owned engagement set for superstitious reasons.