Arturo “Benito” Castro Hernández (1946–2023) was a name synonymous with creativity, laughter, and musical prowess. Born into a family of entertainers, he carved a niche for himself in the world of music, comedy, and television. Let’s unravel the facets of this extraordinary artist.

Early Life and Musical Roots

Benito’s upbringing was steeped in melodies and showmanship. His father, Arturo Castro (affectionately known as “El Bigoton”), was a celebrated Mexican comedian and actor during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. The entertainment bug bit Benito early, and he joined his cousins’ musical group, Los Hermanos Castro. This talented ensemble, comprising Arturo, Javier, Jorge, and later their cousin Gualberto Castro, achieved international acclaim. Benito’s harmonious vocals and guitar skills added a fresh dimension to the group’s success.

The Kin Kin Phenomenon

Benito’s comedic genius didn’t stop at music. He created the iconic character “Kin Kin from Acapulco” for the Mexican television show “La Carabina de Ambrosio” (1979–1983). Kin Kin, a sun-tanned, raggedy beach bum in Acapulco, was a delightful parody inspired by Bob Denver’s role on “Gilligan’s Island.” Benito’s ability to mimic politicians, singers, and fellow artists opened doors for him on another show called “La Ensalada de Locos” (Crazy People Salad).

Family and Personal Life

Beyond the limelight, Benito was a devoted family man. He fell in love with a dancer during a Las Vegas show, and they married, becoming parents at a young age. His daughter, Mariquita “La Güereja” Castro, became a household name in Mexican television. Benito’s warmth and humor extended beyond the stage, endearing him to fans and colleagues alike.

Legacy and Influence

Benito’s legacy lives on through his music, comedy, and unforgettable characters. His impact on Mexican entertainment remains indelible. Whether harmonizing with Los Hermanos Castro or making audiences laugh as Kin Kin, Benito Castro left an indelible mark.


Arturo “Benito” Castro Hernández was more than an artist; he was a kaleidoscope of talent. His journey beyond the stage reminds us that true artistry knows no bounds. As we celebrate his life, let’s honor the multifaceted spirit that made Benito Castro a legend.

Remember, dear reader, that behind every spotlight lies a universe of stories waiting to be told. And Benito’s story is one worth sharing.